Instructions for taking photos

Below are instructions for taking 3 photos in such a way that will allow them to be correctly evaluated by the artificial intelligence algorithm. Please do not insert photos in which there is no visible foot/shift, in which the foot/shift occupies less than 25% of the area of the entire photo.

Photos submitted for evaluation can be:

  1. taken using the app,
  2. downloaded from the Photo Gallery of mobile device or
  3. downloaded from training sets after they have been uploaded to the Photo Gallery
Step 1
Ensure that there is good lighting in the room. Ideally, the background of the photo should be uniform (but this is not a prerequisite).
Step 2
Try to take photos with the phone upright and without flash. Photos should not be blurry.
Step 3
Add 3 photos. Two photos of the WHOLE foot with the lesion/wound visible:
one from one perspective/direction,
the second from a slightly different perspective/direction
and a third photo of a CLOSE-up of the lesion/wound.
Sample photos aims to support people with diabetes with a purely informative function, particularly through Services based on artificial intelligence solutions. So remember that by using our Services you are interacting with an artificial intelligence system. The App and Services are available to everyone, but due to the range of workout data, results may not be suitable for people with skin tones other than light.