About project

Tytuł Projektu:

NIEAMPUTUJ.PL – mobile application to support Diabetic Foot Syndrome Patients

Project Objectives:

creation of an innovative product in the form of a mobile application that, based on photos taken with a smartphone, using modern artificial intelligence algorithms, will provide the patient with basic information about the wound on the foot.

Planned effects:

The Nieamputuj.pl application, by reaching the widest possible group of Diabetic Foot Syndrome patients, will contribute to faster information on foot wounds and faster implementation of pre-medical management already at home. This will result in a real chance to reduce the risk of lower limb amputation, and by contributing to a reduction in the number of lower limb amputations, it will affect the reduction of the cost of treatment and management of patients with high lower limb amputations, as well as reducing the degree of disability and the number of disabled people.

Project Value:

The total value of the Project is PLN 1,192,682.08

Contribution of the European Fund: the value of the subsidy is PLN 990,260.07